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AJPOR is the quarterly journal of ANPOR. It has been accepted for inclusion in Scopus. A special issue on research methods is planned for the August 2020 issue.

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An Online Opinion Analysis on Refugee Acceptance Using Topic Modeling

refugee acceptance,online opinion,comments analysis,topic modeling

Sook Choi,Si Yeon Jang

How Do South Korean People View the US and Chinese National Influence?: Is Soft Power Zero-Sum?

soft power,zero-sum,China and America,South Korea,opinion poll,bivariate correlation and binary logistic regression

Xiaoyu Zhao

Foreign Affairs, the National Interest, and Secular-Religious Identities in Israel

religiosity,Israel,security,political attitudes,national interest,foreign policy

Hamanaka, Shingo

Perception of Inequality and Societal Health: Analysis on Social Trust and Social Mobility

inequality,perception of inequality,perceived inequality,social trust,social mobility,KAMOS

Sun-Jae Hwang

Evaluation of Survey Data Quality Based on Interviewers’ Assessments: An Example from Taiwan’s Election and Democratization Study

data quality,interviewers’ assessment,reliability,validity,Taiwan’s Election and Democratization Study,

Chi-lin Tsai,Tsung-Wei Liu,Yi-ju Chen

Factors Associated with Death Acceptance among Thai Patients with Advanced Cancer

death acceptance,death anxiety,Buddhist beliefs about death,self-efficacy,advanced cancer patients

Maliwan Krapo,Sureeporn Thanasilp,Janya Chimluang

The Effect of Attitudes Toward Breastfeeding in Public onBreastfeeding Rates and Duration: Results from South Korea

breastfeeding in public,KAMOS,breastfeeding rates,breastfeeding duration,breastfeeding attitudes,public opinion,public places

Sarah Prusoff LoCASCIO,Hee Won Cho

Media Use and Political Participation in China: Taking Three National Large-N Surveys as Examples

media use,Internet,political participation,survey data

Hongna Miao

Testing the Representativeness of a Multimode Survey in South Korea: Results from KAMOS

KAMOS,online panel survey,multimode survey,South Korea,Korean Academic Multimode Open Survey

Sung Kyum Cho,Sarah Prusoff LoCascio,Kay-O Lee,Deok-Hyun Jang,Jong Min Lee