Women should not participate in politics in the same way as men.
People with little education should have the same right to a say in politics as people with a high level of education.
Just as with the parents of a big family, the people should obey government leaders’ decisions on state affairs.
As long as there is a moral leader, we can let them decide everything.
Whatever the opinion, it should be decided by the government.
If everyone’s ideas are inconsistent, society will be chaotic.
Only one political party should be allowed to participate in elections and lead the government.
In one place, if there is one group in the east and one group in the west, it will affect local stability and harmony.
Checks and balances
When the country faces difficulties, the government can ignore the law to deal with this difficult situation.
The courts should accept the opinions of the local government when trying major cases.
If the government is often restricted by the legislature, it is difficult to tackle important issues well.