Theme Summarization of Responses
Shopping bag practices The shopping practices of the participants vary according to the nature of product. For groceries, a majority of participants chose to take cloth bags from home after the unavailability of plastic bags due to the ban. The ban significantly altered the shopping bag practices of the consumers.
Awareness regarding the alternative bags and the ban Few respondents had prior experience of using cloth bags, but the majority learned about it through media campaigns against plastic bags. The most effective awareness tool was the ban itself and the unavailability of plastic bags.
Rationality of the government The participants were asked about their perception regarding the government’s rationality behind the ban. The consumers felt that the ban was a positive step towards the betterment of the environment and for reducing pollution.
Opinion of the consumers regarding the ban Most participants were in the favor of the ban. However, a few were concerned about the implementation of the ban, as they felt it was not being implemented properly by the government.
Role of the government The respondents believed that the government should:
  • Enforce the ban uniformly and strictly across the country
  • Monitor the prices of alternate bags
  • Compensate those who are being affected by the ban on plastic bags.
Role of the consumers According to the respondents, the consumers should
  • Take responsibility for avoiding plastic bags
  • Reduce demand for plastic bags
  • Bring cloth bags from home
  • Cooperate with the government to ensure the successful implementation of the ban.