Topic Gamma Headline
1 0.999 Dark side of Aging Society: 90% of elder abuse occurs within family
0.999 Calls for immediate policy measures: Rapid aging increases the number of older people dying alone
0.998 Social abhorrence for older people
0.975 Crimes against the elderly increase with rapid aging
0.995 Aging increases need for blood donation but decreases the number of doners
2 0.999 Cancer and pneumonia records highest death cause due to aging
0.989 Dementia enters top 10 cause of death for the first time due to aging
0.977 Due to aging, last year’s death rate was a record high
0.975 Dementia, a national challenge in an aging society: Early checkup and prevention is most important
0.955 Separate families (North and South) are also aging: 4900 died last year
3 0.998 The financial world is innovating: Insurance companies develop more products on later life planning
0.990 Insurance planner becomes a popular job in aging society
0993 The rise of sickness insurance and collapse of whole life insurance with aging
0.987 Aging transforms whole life insurance schemes: Death benefit remodeled into pension during later life
0.985 Need for auto insurance increases along with increase in car accidents of older people
4 0.995 The growth rate in 2041 predicted to drop to 0.6-0.8% due to serious aging
0.993 Aging tsunami: Working age population will drop to 19% within the next two decades
0.986 In 2026, household savings rate will become negative due to aging
0.974 Health insurance benefit taken by older people increases to 40%
0.952 Realty asset value declines at the fastest speed in an aging society
5 0.999 Aging snowballs government deficit: Will increase to 102% of GDP by 2050
0.998 Due to aging, municipal governments will face budget deficits starting from next year
0.995 Are medical costs of elderly people a time bomb in aging society?
0.995 Average yearly increase in government budget on social welfare is 8%
0.993 Rapid aging quintuples elderly welfare budget in 3 years
6 0.999 67% agree on retirement age extension
0.999 [Editorial] Work for older people is the answer
0.999 Modifying wage system is the key to achieving employment stability in an era of aging
0.998 Low growth and financial deficit caused by aging should be tackled by labor market innovation
0.995 57% of businesses in manufacturing industries consider extending employment of aged workers
7 0.999 [Tackling Aging Society] The trilemma of Korean National Pension: sustainability-coverage-trust
0.996 Penniless, thus miserable later life
0.983 Is basic pension effective prescription in an aging society?
0.964 Aging faster than Japan: The need for adjusting pension replacement rate
0.952 National Pension Fund will be exhausted by 2057, 3 years earlier than expected, due to aging